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  • Corporate and Legal Executives
  • Partners, Associates and In-House
  • Mid-Management / Senior Staff


  • Strategic Hiring Initiatives
  • Organizational Development
  • Concept Design / Implementation
  • Project Management

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What we Do

Legal E orchestrates exceptional career matches!

Legal E works directly with law firms and corporate legal departments to recruit legal professionals for executive positions. Our experienced team is exclusively focused on a consultative approach for critical talent acquisition and advancing best practices in hiring initiatives.

Experience that matters!

With nearly four decades of successfully advancing thousands of executives and legal professionals, Legal E is a business thought-leader and sought-after consultant on various topics challenging executives in today’s ever-changing work environments.

A partnership that fits.....

At Legal E, we take great pride in offering award-winning services and knowing that more than 95% of our business is from repeat clients and their referrals.  We are confident that Legal E can be your organization’s number one employment partner.

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